LJS traditionally seeks to mix venues, incorporating High End Hotel spaces (Waterside area of Federal Palace Hotel & Poolside Moor house Hotel) to create a relaxed but impressive occasion for the first Audience. 

By pioneering use of Muri Okunola Park for late afternoon evening shows, LJS has been able to create a chilled, “festival-like” occasion that is family friendly during the afternoon, gradually blending into the perfect outdoor experience for the second target audience into the evening.

The festival area would be more relaxed for picnics and ‘al fresco’ eating and drinking to enable the audience and even children to wander round listening to the music and taking in possible peripheral events. Rugs and mats are provided.

As the evening progresses the audience tends to stand and gather round the front of the stage for the major artists.

There are opportunities for franchise and concession bars and snack/fast food outlets around the venue. These would be both pre-purchased and payment “at the Gate” tickets.